Sliced Bread - ETL on Salesforce

Working with large and medium data sizes should be as easy and safe as working with just a few records

The Lightning-Fast Solution for Effortless Bulk Data Processing

We know that for Salesforce Administrators, bulk data processing can sometimes feel like a complex puzzle.

Say goodbye to manual data manipulation and external tools that require multiple steps. Sliced Bread takes the guesswork out of data transformation, providing Salesforce Administrators with an elegant and seamless solution.

Sliced Bread's Recipe for Success

Just like slicing a loaf of bread, Sliced Bread takes your data and breaks it down into manageable pieces. No more complex file systems or tedious manipulations – it's all native and effortless.

Extracting raw data from slices is crucial. Sliced Bread includes parsers like CSV and JSON, converting data into processable formats. Virtual fields bridge the gap between raw data and Salesforce's ecosystem.

Here's where your data metamorphoses. Three rule types drive the transformation process:
  • Query Rules: Fetching related data from Salesforce.
  • Formula Rules: Calculating new data using extracted or transformed information.
  • Validate Rules: Ensuring data integrity with validation checks.
The Load phase brings your transformed data back to your Salesforce org. Perform create, update, upsert, and delete operations as needed. Sliced Bread streamlines this with precision and efficiency.

Sliced Bread empowers you to your data transformation game, offering:

  • Efficiency: Process complex data transformations with agility and accuracy.
  • Compliance: Maintain data security and privacy while handling large-scale transformations.
  • Precision: Seamlessly migrate data across Salesforce instances without hassle.
  • Native Integration: Stay within the Salesforce ecosystem for a cohesive experience.

Ready to experience the future of Salesforce bulk data processing?

Contact us today to learn more, request a demo, and take the first step toward unleashing the true potential of Sliced Bread.


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