About Us

You’re a Salesforce admin, and you have things to do.

Lots of things. We’re here to make those things easier by building high-quality, high-impact, easy-to-use Salesforce solutions and add-ons.

Appsago is a team of tech and Salesforce enthusiasts dedicated to making the work of fellow Salesforce admins easier.

Making your life easier, one add-on at a time

Appsago was founded by Martijn Schwärzer, a Salesforce developer, admin and architect with 15+ years of experience implementing Salesforce, rolling out new Salesforce features and developing custom functionalities. Martijn was a Salesforce MVP 3 times and led the Amsterdam Salesforce Developer Group from 2013 through 2020. Currently he co-leads the Eindhoven Administrator User Group.
Confronting the same challenges over and over again, Martijn developed a ‘hitlist’ (well, actually, he calls it something that rhymes with ‘hitlist’) of Salesforce admin tasks that need to be easier, plus a set of features that every Salesforce environment should have.

Founding Appsago, he started his quest to find solutions for every challenge on the list. Starting with Instant User Feedback (an add-on that makes it easy for users to report bugs, request features or compliment the dev/admin team) and Download Security Pro (a solution for a severe flaw in Salesforce’s access management).

We’re slow releasers because we’re perfectionists

At Appsago, we believe in creating things that work the first time you try them. We don’t like to ‘move fast and break things’, especially if those ‘things’ are your Salesforce environment and your users’ work. That’s why we release our add-ons relatively slowly after rigorous alpha testing. And if we accidentally do break something, we’re there for you until it’s fixed.

Here at Appsago,

we’re all about the Salesforce admin. We want to help you do better work and do your work better. And we love to talk about Salesforce with other Salesforce people. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us a question.


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