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If a user can view a file in Salesforce, they can download it.

Any number of times, on any number of devices. That could mean that, right now, dozens of copies of documents containing sensitive information are in locations you have no control over.

In a time of hybrid work and multi-user devices, this is unacceptable. Especially if your company or clients operate in finance, health care, recruitment, travel or government.

Documents stored in Salesforce can be copies of passports or driver’s licenses. Insurance policies. Salary slips. Pictures of home interiors from insurance claims. CVs… In the wrong hands, this information can be used for identity fraud. Or help burglars or home invaders identify their next target.

‘We need to fix this. NOW’

Strict new laws and scrutiny from the press have woken all security officers, IT architects and business leaders up to the problem and sure, they’re all engaged and involved. But who, in the end, has to answer the hard questions when data leak?

Exactly. You, the Salesforce admin.

How did this happen? Why wasn’t this taken care of earlier? What are we going to do about it? When can you have a fix?

We can’t help you with all the questions, but we have an answer for those last two:

Download Security Pro gives you over Salesforce file downloads

With the Download Security Pro plugin, you can finally manage who can download what, where and under which circumstances.

Key features:
  • Set download policies per environment, user, profile, region, IP range or role
  • Block all downloads temporarily if needed
  • Set a file size limit for download (ensuring design files that contain valuable intellectual property are never downloaded)
  • Grant exceptions to individual users or teams in seconds (a necessity when working on data migrations)
  • Viewing the document – in full-screen mode if needed – is never impeded

Easy, quick admin UI

Implementing new policies with Download Security Pro is easy. Just change the config and hit ‘OK’. That’s it. No code, testing, OTAP, or getting RFCs approved and waiting 2 months…

You don’t have time for all that. Especially when data security is at risk.

Reporting, audits and user challenges

All blocked downloads are instantly visible in your admin UI, and you can quickly produce organization-level audit reports or violation logs. When a user feels a download was blocked when it shouldn’t have, they can submit a challenge. These challenges can then be dealt with directly from the admin UI.

Future features on the roadmap

Download Security Pro is a powerful tool, but we have more power coming. This is the roadmap:
  • Tracking API downloads
  • Aggregated, anonymous reporting of (blocked) downloads for management purposes
  • Your favorite feature (get in touch with us)

Trust is at the core of your products and processes

Not to mention your company’s reputation. Protect it with Download Security Pro


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